Icknield Port Loop has been nominated for a Urban Design Group Award 2013!

Icknield Port Loop has been identified as a development opportunity for a number of years. There had been a number of masterplans done for the site including a previous scheme by Glenn Howells Architects for the developer Isis in 2007 and a plan developed as part of draft planning policy by the city council. The site was also identified as a growth node and a Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood in a number of studies as well as in the emerging LDF.


URBED's Helen Grimshaw will be taking part in a panel debate at the Labour Party Conference fringe on Monday 22 September, 12.45pm to 2.15pm entitl

We’ll have our fingers crossed for Carbon Co-op who are nominated for Energy Reduction Project of the Year at the Community Energy Awards.

Helen Grimshaw of URBED and Jonathan Atkinson, of Carbon Co-op are presenting at the Behave Energy Conference 2014.

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We are delighted that URBED's submission has been shortlisted for the 2014 Wolfson Economic Prize.


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